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Period pain Relief

Try our fast-acting infused coffee.

100% Plastic Free

Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Infused with Energy and Comfort by Energetic Jane

Experience the non-intoxicating reliable relief of Energy and Comfort by Energetic Jane! This blend delivers a whole lot of relief and a boost of energy without the jitters, anxiety or the crash!

This dark roast whole bean coffee is infused with CBD, THCv and none of the plant taste or smell!

Each pod delivers 7mg of CBD and 3mg of THCv.

We’re here to support you, contact us at any time with any questions, recommendations or guidance, we’ll do our best to get you the right relief! We guarantee we can help you find relief or your money back!

Energetic Jane

Energy and Comfort by Energetic Jane.


Plant a tree with every purchase

Save the Planet

Highest Ground Coffee is teaming up with Ecodrive to help save the planet. With every purchase of HGC products, we’ll plant a tree to help combat the climate crisis. 2010-2019 was the warmest decade ever recorded, bringing with it an increase in climate disasters like fires, droughts, hurricanes and floods. If left, unchecked, average global temperatures could rise by 3 C and adversely affect our ability to live on planet Earth. Planting a tree is a small act with a big impact. Planting trees removes the harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that is causing the warming of our planet. By reforesting the planet, we are filtering the air that we breathe and preserving our planet for future generations.