Energetic Jane

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WARNING: THIS COFFEE KICKS! Energy, focus and relief from anches all in one fast acting cup of infused coffee! This blend not only provides a stimulating boost of energy, it may help suppress your appetite! The perfect daytime blend.

Contains: CBD, THCv

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Dosages per pod:

  • 30 mg: 21mg CBD, 9mg THCV
  • 60 mg: 42mg CBD, 18mg THCV
  • 100 mg: 70mg CBD, 30mg THCV

Ingredients: 100% Ground Arabica Coffee, non-ionic emulsifiers, hemp extract and natural flavors.

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Additional information

Weight N/A

Enhanced Strength (30mg), Advanced Strength (60mg), Maximum Strength (100mg)


6pk, 36pk

3 reviews for Energetic Jane

  1. Wayne morris (verified owner)

    I am not a big coffee drinker… I like my coffee strong and black. I used the middle size out of three on our Keurig. I enjoyed it both yesterday and today. It is a strong coffee, slightly bitter. For me it was perfect. I enjoyed a MELLOW high compared to a 30mg gummy. It wasn’t intoxicating, it was a perfect compliment to the caffine. I felt focused and alert. It was like having 3 cups of coffee without the caffeine jitters. My honest evaluation: I would have one cup of this every day if I could afford it. Not that it is expensive so to speak, but more $ than a cup of regular boring coffee. Still cheaper than Starbucks and 1000% more effective. There was no crash. None. I feel as if it maybe even helped the coming down from the caffeine. Excellent product. I will make sure to always have some in the house!

  2. Darrell O Hamm (verified owner)

    Get your coffee on! Take your morning coffee to the next level. Some very delicious coffee. They do not take any shortcuts when it comes to give some very well balanced coffee that is infused.

    The coffee kicked in about 15 to 20 minutes after the first sip. It lasted me a few hours. 0 side effects. No crash, no Jitters, and no anxiety. Great taste – I first drank it I was doing my normal sitting on couch smoking my cig and drinking my coffee. Normally I go for at least 1 to 2 more cups before I start moving.
    Not that morning. I went in to make some non infused coffee and didn’t make it back to the couch. Started to do dishes and get house work done. I wasn’t like amped up running around like crazy. I was in the zone if you get what I’m saying! I will be coming back for more . Thank you so much

  3. Lorie Bell (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product , bring life back for me Thank you !

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