A Word from the Founder

Coffee with Purpose

The Highest Ground Coffee Company was founded with the goal of developing a way that allows the user to experience all the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the downsides associated with the smoking form of administration.

After developing COPD, I knew two things were important. I needed something that fit into my daily routine, and it needed to have the same fast onset and effect.

I knew traditional edibles wouldn’t cut it, the late onset, unpredictable, and inconsistent effect wouldn’t allow me to replace smoking. I set out to understand what makes smoking so effective.

Big things come in small sizes. particle sizes that is! After much research, I discovered that water-soluble delivery could be more effective than smoking, and I knew I had a direction. I spent nearly a year of R&D working to build a nano water soluble solution.

I’m proud to say we at the Highest Ground Coffee Company accomplished our goals and have developed an easy-to-use, easy-to-consume, consistently dosed cannabis edible with fast onset, predictable effect and duration; all without any off flavors or smells.

100% Plastic Free


We’re committed to environmentally responsible practices. We know k-cup waste is a huge problem and we are committed to doing what we can to reduce that waste. We only source 100% PLASTIC FREE, BPI certified compostable k-cups and lids manufactured in the USA. Our cups are materially less than traditional k-cups (1.2 grams less) and break down within 90 days in commercial composting facilities.