Comfort & Relief

With Inflammation Jane

Relief with THC or THC-Free.

Energy & Comfort

With Energetic Jane

Ease stress, discomfort and boost energy.

Feel Incredible

With Merry Jane

Elevate your mood and boost creativity.

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Coffee Pods

90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't love it after 90 days, we’ll replace it or refund it, hassle-free.

These Old Knees

Spread the Relief

For your old knees, and everywhere else that hurts.


Totally Legal & Ships To You

Our products are totally legal cannabis products derived from hemp, and thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill we can ship all our products directly to you legally and without worry.

Patent-Pending Relief

Our patent-pending next generation infusion technology delivers unique blends of both regular & acidic cannabinoids and is responsible for the incredible effects and consistent relief HGC is known for.

Starts Working Fast

Gets to working in minutes, with none of the plant taste, anxiousness or uncontrollable high allowing you to take total control of your wellness.

Responsibly Hand Made

Every one of our products is made using compostable and recyclable materials; every one of our products is lovingly made and packaged by a person, not a machine.

Customer Reviews


I’m not a big coffee drinker but man this stuff taste pretty good and the effects are on point! I like the extra strength the best! If you like coffee and like to medicate I highly suggest giving this a shot!


This coffee has been a game changer in my quality of life , helps with almost everything, I highly recommend you to try , I can even offer you a 15% discount just add LorieCoffee at checkout, welcome to a great product


The 100mg energetic jane is an excellent cup of coffee that, gets your day going, shakes off those morning aches, gets your mind right to take on the day. Only con for me would be dry mouth. Lasts consistently for 8-10 hrs. Tried 40 mg Formula #1 and #5, it had llittle to no effect. My only suggestions would be a variety in a medium roast. All in all I would recommend this for everyone try.


I have to say this coffee is excellent. I was in the midst of a bad migraine setting in, so I brewed up a cup of Original Jane. I could feel the pressure in my head subsiding shortly after finishing my cup.


Came quick . Tasted great . It was strong and mellowed me way out . Helped my joint discomfort.


Fantastic balance of mind and body effects. Definitely felt relief in my joints and muscles. Mind was a mellow, creative vibe. I highly recommend this product to anyone.


The Highest Ground Coffee Company was founded with the goal of developing a way that allows the user to experience all the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the downsides associated with the smoking form of administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are totally legal hemp products thanks to the 2018 farm bill. Thanks to the farm bill, we are able to ship throughout the U.S. and you’ll have no problems with your packages.
Our products are not designed to get you high, though it’s absolutely possible. Every individual is different and how you respond to certain blends will vary.New users we recommend starting with our Comfort and Relief line, available with THC and THC-FREE. If you are looking for blends without THC please check out our Energy and Comfort, Focus and Motivation and Comfort and Relief lines. If you find yourself getting higher than you’d like to be, you’ve dosed too much for your tolerance.Plant medicine is something you should build up to, you may also find our dosing to be stronger than traditional applications of cannabis.
The blend that may be best for you will depend on both your current consumption and your needs. We highly recommend starting with the Inflammation Jane series, as all of us get older chronic inflammation becomes a constant and most will see tremendous relief without intoxication.

For more advanced users, formulations like No Pain Jane and Extra Strength Original Jane may be closer to what you’re looking for.

When it comes to dosing, it’s best to start low and slow. Our technology when brewed is surprisingly intense for first time users and some formulations can be even more so. If you are new to plant medicine, start at about 10mg and see how these do for you. You can always split a cup into multiple doses.

If you are an advanced user, we recommend starting at 30mg.

For bmedicinal and terminal users, 60mg or 100mg may be appropriate. Remember, you can always split a cup into multiple doses.

We are always developing new formulations, often specifically for customers. If you are having trouble finding the right formulation for you, please contact us.
Neither, but if you had to choose, closer to smoking. Our technology delivers formulations that have the on-set of smoking without the uncontrollable edible experience. You should not get any edible high or the anxiety of smoking with our fast acting blends. Our pods are the perfect compliment to these forms of consumption, they can even help you reduce your other consumption methods and transition to a smokeless lifestyle if required..
Yes! Our technology when brewed through the k-cup brewer completely bypasses digestion, allowing you to experience the fast onset and consistent benefits of our formulations. Our syrups provide a similar fast acting experience without the requirement for a brewer! These are ready to use and you may find yourself sipping them. It’s okay, we won’t judge.
At HGC We believe the the plant provides the foundation for powerful medicines. We work to combine these medicines, utilizing published research and a fast feedback cycle from our users to blend and “stack” for the desired effect. Unlike many others, we provide medicinal levels of cannabinoids in each serving which coupled with the high efficacy of our technology you will get therapeutic doses that can bring real relief, really fast! Our blends are designed to help us, and you, understand how cannabinoids interact and what relief they can provide. By utilizing this information we can ultimately craft a custom blend suited for your specific needs, if you don’t find relief in our already incredible blends!
Yes! Our coffee pods are our most effective delivery method, they are the fastest and most efficient form to consume our blends and are available in higher single doses. Our syrups are an excellent way to experience our fast acting blends and the relief they can provide, no brewer needed! They can be combined with beverages, in recipes and even sipped directly.
Nope! The only thing anyone is going to smell is the amazing aroma of our coffee blends! There’s no plant taste, and you’ll find theres absolutely no plant smell.
No. We tested to verify there and there is no chance your cannabinoids will end up anywhere but your cup. No one will get accidentally dosed.