What is Big Brain Jane™️?

Why do we call it our Focus and Motivation blend? Because there’s nothing quite like it for not only giving energy but directing that energy into the work and getting-it-done!

It’s only the single greatest source of energy in the known universe.. tapping directly into the life force of every toddler on Earth!* (consume toddler energy responsibly!)

Are you tired? Overwhelmed with stress from work, school and the every day? Is your to-do list piling up? Tackle it all with ONE CUP of Big Brain Jane™️

If it isn’t the absolute best relief..

We’ll replace it with something else or totally refund it! No questions asked!

Empower your day with our Focus & Motivation Blend, specially designed for those who aim for clarity, energy, and an enhanced life!

Majority of users experience an incredible benefit to energy, focus, motivation and support for their executive function!

If you need a boost of get-it-done, try our Focus and Motivation Blend

It’s important to note that while our blends are designed to work for everyone, each persons endocannabinoid system differs, your experience will differ.

Note: more is not better! Start low!

Our Coffee Pods

Start with our Starter Strength (10mg) before any other consumption, wait 1 hour to assess how this blend affects you before resuming normal consumption.

Our Syrups

We recommend starting with 1 tsp of this blend until you know how it affects you. Increase dosage every 2 hours or until desired effect is achieved.

Syrups are great in sodas, seltzers, recipes and they’re not too bad sipped directly too!

This blend is THC-FREE but does include a totally different cannabinoid with a similar name, THCv. THCv is non-psychoactive and will not produce a high.

In our experience a single serving of Big Brain Jane™️ will last 18 hours or more, though the primary stimulant effect will have greatly reduced you may feel some lingering benefit into the next day.

No, you should not expect to get high with this blend on it’s own.

If you’re looking for relief oriented towards pain relief and a calming boost of energy, consider our Energy and Comfort line.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.