Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Infused with Energy and Comfort by Energetic Jane with 10mg CBD and THCv per cup

Experience the non-intoxicating reliable relief of Energy and Comfort by Energetic Jane! This blend delivers a whole lot of relief and a boost of energy without the jitters, anxiety or the crash!

This dark roast whole bean coffee is infused with CBD, THCv and none of the plant taste or smell!

Each regular strength serving delivers 7mg of CBD and 3mg of THCv.

We’re here to support you, contact us at any time with any questions, recommendations or guidance, we’ll do our best to get you the right relief! We guarantee we can help you find relief or your money back!

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Total Cannabinoids per serving (regular strength): 7mg CBD, 3mg THCv.

Total Cannabinoids per serving (triple strength): 21mg CBD, 9mg THCv

Suggested use: Brew about 11g of grounds with 8oz of water. New users start with 1 cup, wait 45 minutes before consuming another and increase as desired until your desired affect is achieved!

This blend may be sedating to users sensitive to CBD. For maximum benefit, use in the mornings or whenever you desire a boost! Repeat until desired comfort level is achieved.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Guatemalan Decaf Coffee Beans, non-ionic emulsifiers, hemp extract and natural flavors.

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8 oz


Medium, Whole Bean


Regular, Triple


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