Infused Syrup with Feel Incredible by Merry Jane with 10mg of THC (hemp derived) and THCv per TBSP

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Experience the euphoric and uplifting benefits of Merry Jane, euphoric and uplifting this blend will get you going and feeling incredible while you’re doing it! May be sedating at high doses, dose lower for a more energetic and euphoric experience!

This unflavored syrup is infused with THC (hemp-derived), THCv and none of the plant taste or smell! Ideal for infusing your favorite coffee, teas and so much more!! Add to your favorite sodas, seltzers, teas, desserts and everywhere else! Enjoy after work or before bed for a relaxing end to the day. Take at the first sign of discomfort or stress.

Our syrups allow you to easily find your dosage and 1/4 tsp is about 1mg of blend! Start low and build up until you find what works for you!

Each tbsp delivers 9mg THC (hemp derived) and 1mg THCv.

We’re here to support you, contact us at any time with any questions, recommendations or guidance, we’ll do our best to get you the right relief! We guarantee we can help you find relief or your money back!

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Total Cannabinoids per serving: 9mg each THC, 1mg THCv.

Suggested use: new users start with 1 tsp and increase every 2 hours as desired until desired affect is achieved.

This blend can be sedative at high doses. Start small and dose up.

Serving Size: 1 tbsp (4 servings per 2oz bottle, 10 servings per 5 oz bottle, 50 servings per 25 oz bottle)

Infused Syrup Nutrition: Calories: 10, Total Carbohydrates: 2g, Total Added Sugar: 2g

Infused Syrup Ingredients: purified water, sugar, organic mct oil, non-ionic emulsifiers, hemp extract, organic natural flavors, citric acid, xanthan gum.

Not a significant source of any other calories or nutrition.

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