What if.. a cup of coffee in the morning was a simple and effective way to medicate your day? We set out to invent just such a coffee, and we knew we had real challenges ahead of us.

We wanted a coffee that had rapid onset with a predictable offset and consistent experience; of course, it needed to taste good too!

“The oral route of administration is optimal for its advantages of patient compliance and adherence”

Why did we go through all this work to make another edible anyway? Our edible is anything but ordinary, it’s based on sound scientific research, and formulated to be effective!

We know that routines matter, and when medicating, ease of that administration into our routines matters a lot. A cup of coffee in the morning is a simple, consistent part of the day and easy way to medicate.

We never forget our morning cup of joe!  

Knowing the problems with traditional edibles, onset time being too long, effect is too varied, we needed something that was consistent, and kicked in quick or we would never successfully incorporate it into our routines.


“However oral absorption of cannabinoids is very limited. Although THC and CBD readily penetrate the enterocyte layer when taken orally, their absorption is slow and erratic. This is because of their lipophilic properties and thus low solubility [..]”

We knew we needed to take a scientific approach and learn how CBD is treated throughout the body to find a way to develop that effective and consistent experience. We learned all about first and second pass digestion, enzymatic conversion and numerous other factors that vary the edible experience from person to person. So we looked at the problem from another angle, why is smoking so effective and consistent compared to edibles?

“Diffusion is the primary deposition mechanism for particles smaller than 0.1 μm in mobility diameter53 and occurs mostly in the alveoli of the lungs”

There are two factors, the individual’s metabolism and particle size. We can only factor for one of these when building a consistent experience, that means just like smoking we need to bypass digestion. To accomplish this, as it would turn out, particle size and solubility is key.

“Micelles of nanometer size (less than 100 nm) and positive average Z potential have been observed to deliver lipophilic molecules (vitamin D3, statins, testosterone propionate, CBD) for absorption across the oral buccal mucosa, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.”

That’s when inspiration hit, and after a year of research and development we would finally produce a coffee pod that was accurately dosed, produces a nano emulsion every single time leading to a consistent and predictable experience.

We combined our technology with the k-cup coffee system to put magic into every cup.

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