For all our coffees we recommend you consume 1 cup and wait 30 minutes before consuming any more. Most formulations are felt within 15 minutes.

Original (and Decaf) Jane is a body centric formulation intended to provide relief and a general sense of calm. One cup is not generally intoxicating for most consumers, two cups back to back are likely to be however.

Energetic Jane is formulated to provide focus and calm stimulation without jitters or anxiety. If you can sleep after a cup of coffee, this formulation is probably for you.

Bedtime Jane is a great decaf cup to consume before bedtime. Formulated with CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids from hemp to help you relax and ease into bed.

HHCp Jane (the “Week ENDER”) is an experimental formulation intended to provide a strong, long lasting relaxing sensation. Effects may last up to 18 hours for some users.

CBDa Jane is an experimental formulation intended to provide anti-inflammatory effects along with promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.