Natural pain relief in minutes.

Utilizing the body’s own systems, our formulations provide natural and effective relief from pain and so much more.

Want to infuse your favorite tea with our best sleep blend?? Our infused honey pods are just the thing!

Brew, steep and enjoy!

No Pain Jane is one of our favorite blends, it’s uplifting, relaxing and gets your body feeling ooey-gooey, we decided we wanted to enjoy it at night.

Introducing Nighttime No Pain Jane, packaged in decaf this blend is sure to be a pleasure day or night.

Our best selling coffee blends

Instantly brew and infuse! Have you tried Bakers Jane?

What is Bakers Jane you ask?

It’s quite simply the easiest and tastiest way to infuse ANY RECIPE! No smell and no plant taste make infusing brownies, muffins, jello, drinks and anything else you can dream up! Simply brew, and infuse!

Looking for a more elevated experience? Book your ticket on Sky High today!

Not recommended for the casual consumer, our Sky High products last as long as an international flight with wave after wave of elevation. Consume responsibly. Spread on cookies, crackers, incorporate into recipes! Or use a spoon, we won’t judge!

Our best sellers


Yes! Our products are totally legal hemp products thanks to the 2018 farm bill.

Thanks to this we are able to ship throughout the US and you’ll have no problems with your packages!

It’s absolutely possible. Every individual is different and how you respond to certain blends will vary.

If you are looking for blends without THC please check out our upcoming No Jane line of coffee pods!

Which blend may be best for you will depend on both your current consumption and your needs.

We highly recommend starting with the Inflammation Jane series, as all of us get older chronic inflammation becomes a constant and most will see tremendous relief without intoxication.

For more advanced users, formulations like No Pain Jane and Extra Strength Original Jane may be closer to what you’re looking for.

When it comes to dosing, it’s best to start low and slow. Our technology when brewed is surprisingly intense for first time users and some formulations can be even more so.

If you are new to plant medicine, start at about 10mg and see how these do for you. You can always split a cup into multiple doses.

If you are an advanced user, we recommend starting at 30mg.

For medicinal and terminal users, 60mg or 100mg may be appropriate.

Remember, you can always split a cup into multiple doses.

We are always developing new formulations, often specifically for customers. If you are having trouble finding the right formulation for you, please contact us!

Neither! But if you had to choose, closer to smoking! Our technology delivers formulations that have the on-set of smoking without the uncontrollable edible experience.

Our pods are the perfect compliment to these forms of consumption, they can even help you reduce your other consumption methods.

Yes! Our technology when brewed through the k-cup brewer completely bypasses digestion, allowing you to experience the fast onset and consistent benefits of our formulations

We believe the the plant provides the foundation for powerful medicines. We combine these medicines with published research and feedback from our users to formulate and “stack” for the desired effect.

Unlike many other companies, we provide medicinal levels of cannabinoids in each serving. Coupled with the high efficacy of our nano technology you will get therapeutic doses that can bring real relief.

Our treatment protocols match dosages and formulations in published research, you’re getting the latest benefits in one convenient pod.

Nano technology is the current best technology to allow for rapid uptake of cannabinoids, this is essential in our goal of creating a product that has fast on-set similar to smoking consumption.

Further, evidence has shown that the nano delivery of cannabinoids is not only more bioavailable, but more effective as well.

Yes you can, although it is more work and we don’t recommend it for consistency purposes. You may dump the pod contents including the filter into a French press or similar brewer.

Please note, our system is designed to take advantage of the k-cup brewer to produce consistent cups every time.

For best results please use a k-cup brewer.

Only the amazing aroma of our coffee blends! You’ll find theres absolutely no plant smell!

Yes! We tested to verify there is no contamination that follows.

No one will get accidentally dosed!

You deserve a functional life free from chronic pain and illness.

Highest Ground Coffee provides quick, consistent relief from chronic pain and inflammation with our convenient, cannabinoid-based coffee formulations.

Discover your favorite blend!

Highest Ground Coffee combines the benefits of cannabinoids and coffee to provide quick onset, accurate dosing, and consistent effects. Our formulations are designed for medicinal use, providing relief from chronic pain and inflammation with or without the psychoactive effects.

At Highest Ground Coffee, we believe that everyone deserves relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Our coffee has had good results in symptom management of:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Migraine
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bursitis
  • Endometriosis
  • Any many others..

If a formulation doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. We are committed to working with you to find the right solution.

Utilizing the body’s own systems, cannabinoids provide natural and effective relief from pain and so much more. We know that every individual is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

That’s why we offer custom formulations and use a combination of user experience reports and current research to inform our recommendations and help you find the right combination of cannabinoids that work for you.

Order Highest Ground Coffee today and experience the powerful benefits of cannabinoid-based therapies for yourself.

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Find Your Jane

If you want..

Less Pain

Some cannabinoids are powerful blockers of pain, others treat the source.


Try them all in our variety box!

Less Anxiety

CBD and THCv support your natural response to stress and anxiety, helping you regain your calm and feel centered.


Both can be found in our variety box!

Peace and Calm

CBDa, CBD and THC combined support your natural ability to relax and be at peace.


Both can be found in our variety box!

Blood Sugar Support

CBD, THC and THCv all have shown promise in supporting your bodies natural response to blood sugar.


Try them all in our variety box!

Improved Creativity and Mood

THCv when combined with THC focuses your creativity and may elevate your mood.


Something Specific to Me

When you need targeted and specific relief, we’re here to help. We can customize formulations, dosage and the coffee we infuse with.

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